After I made a list of my biggest stresses in life, I made a list of my biggest distractions. In bold letters I made one note on the list. FACEBOOK. This might be obvious, but I just tend to check Facebook when I am trying to work. I suppose the bright lights attract my attention. Why do I keep using this service? I find it ethically reprehensible. Its problems incorrigible. At first I enjoyed it as a login for Spotify, IG, and maybe two or three others. I have used it to promote events. I liked seeing what friends in Seattle are doing. I can use a service like Last Pass to help keep my passwords organized. No one sees the events I create unless I pay, sometimes not even then. The news feed looks like a spam inbox folder. My posts reach 1% of my audience because I refuse to pay. The few friends across the country I consider dear have sent me letters, I have called them periodically, and we have kept in contact by physical means.

I am quitting Facebook on April 25.

We are going on a short excursion to Southern Colorado. I am going to look for intelligent life past our devices. I intend to reconnect with the land and search the stars. We leave on the 25th of the month, at this point I will no longer use Facebook. I recently read a WIRED magazine article condemning the future of Facebook. The author then mentioned it was hard to write the article as he has never used Facebook. Ignoring the implications of his journalistic POV, if this writer for a highly recognized tech magazine does not and has never used Facebook, why should I?

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(I know the irony of me posting this on Facebook, but it is still difficult to break addictions.)